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Chevy Volt… Ugh

When Chevrolet first announced the Volt back in January of 2007, I was genuinely impressed. The concept looked good, and the internals promised to be even better. I was practically salivating over the idea of a hybrid designed to go 40 miles on electric power alone, equipped with a lithium-ion battery (presumably one that wouldn’t spontaneously combust) and the ability to recharge from a standard 110-volt outlet.

Concept Chevy Volt

Concept Chevy Volt

The design of the exterior was fairly polarizing, but I liked it. It was bold. It was new. It was unlike anything that domestic car manufacturers have produced in recent memory. It was edgy, and it had attitude. Chevy acknowledged that the exterior would likely change a bit in order to improve aerodynamics, reduce the drag coefficient, that sort of thing. Other than that, I was under the impression that the attitude, the vibrance of this car would remain untouch. Apprently, I was wrong. Dead wrong.

Production Chevy Volt

Production Chevy Volt

Click through on the above link if you haven’t already done so. Somebody took some spy shots of the Volt during filming of the Transformers sequel. That thing that they’re calling the Volt is beyond boring. It’s bland. It’s dull. It looks nothing like the concept – I know, I shouldn’t be surprised because they never do – and I am borderline infuriated that Chevy took such an awesome vehicle and dumbed it down to the point that it’s uglier than the Cobalt. Congratulations, Chevrolet, you just blew what may have been your only chance at success for the next decade or so.

Could I be wrong? Yeah, sure, I could be wrong. I’ve been wrong about these things before. The pictures are far from quality, and the angles the pictures were taken at hide lots of detail. On the other hand, this would be par for the course from Chevrolet (or any other American manufacturer, for that matter). I’d love to be wrong, but this time around I just don’t see it happening.


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