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Scored a Sigg!

So I’ve been trying to get my hands on a Sigg water bottle for months now. It was probably around May or June when I first heard about them. These things are legit – aluminum water bottles with protective liners inside to prevent any chemical leaching. They started getting really popular in the United States about the same time that reports were coming out about how disposable water bottles made out of PET were potentially dangerous. Here’s a hint: don’t ever leave PET bottles stored in hot places. For that matter, don’t leave bottled water sitting around for too long. All that bottled water that’s been sitting in your garage since the Y2K scare because you thought the world as we knew it would end? Yeah… I would go ahead and toss that. You’re just asking for cancer if you drink it now.

But I digress. These Sigg water bottles are sleek, hip, rockin’ pieces of pop art. They have dozens of bottle designs to choose from, from a plain-jane, unfinished aluminum bottle with a discrete Sigg logo at the bottom to bottles with eco-conscious messages to black bottles with a red skull and cross bones (I just ordered one of those. Want to see it? Okay!)

I just ordered one of these!

Anyway, go check them out. Pick one up if you can – one of these paired with a water filtration system is way better than going through bottled water like there’s no tomorrow. It’s better for you (no nasty chemicals), and it’s better for the environment. Plus it will be cheaper in the long haul. The initial investment in a Sigg bottle is a little steep – mine was a little over $30 after shipping – but it will pay off in the long run. These things are durable as anything, and are supposed to last 10+ years.

Don’t waste any time, either! They’ve been sold out all summer, and currently only have a small selection of designs in stock, with only around one thousand or so of each available. Get yours now.


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