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Threadless, like XKCD (last post), is one of my featured links over on the right side of the page. It is a clothing site featuring shirt designs that are created, submitted, and rated by users. Anyone can submit a design for rating and hopefully, eventual printing. I’d probably try to submit something if I had anything remotely resembling artistic talent; alas, I was endowed with no such skill. At least I can take advantage of other people’s talent, though – all the products on the site are creative and thoughtful. Some are cute, some are ironic, and others, well, I’m still trying to make sense of them. I’ve only ordered one shirt from them so far, but there will definitely be more purchases made from them in the future.

Now Thats Dope.

Now That's Dope.

Designs are constantly being submitted, printed, and selling out. If you see something you like, jump on it! No telling how much longer they will have it. Some designs are also available as hoodies or large poster-size prints.


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