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Guns Babes Lemonade is an electronica album created by an artist called Muscles. His music is the kind of stuff that catches you completely off-guard when you first hear it. You start wondering if somebody is playing a joke on you. It sounds like Queen crashing a Daft Punk performance. Or what it would sound like if the residents of Candy Land were into techno.Once you give up trying to categorize the sound of this album, you can actually start listening to the music. You turn up the volume a little bit, and the bass line starts pulsing through your veins. Pretty soon, it’s all you can do to not bust out some wicked dance moves.

Guns Babes Lemonade

Guns Babes Lemonade

Released in 2007, Guns Babes Lemonade is Muscles’ first album to be sold in the United States. He hails from Australia, and enjoyed success there before becoming popular worldwide. Muscles started his career in Melbourne, Australia, and after receiving radio play for his first single, One Inch Badge Pin, went on to perform in a series of concerts and music festivals before releasing Guns Babes Lemonade with Modular Records.

Muscles does not create stereotypical electronica. Sure, there is a strong bass beat throughout, and most of the rest is created with synthesizers, but that is where the standard stuff ends and he begins. On top of the bass, on top of the synths, Muscles adds layer upon layer of vocals. It can’t quite be called singing, (or if it is singing, it isn’t very good) but it still sounds beautiful. He blends powerful chords with falsettos, quiet vocals with stronger, strident ones, and the occasional distorted yell on top of everything else. His vocals are passionate and earnest, though the quality won’t earn him any points from stuffy critics.

It is my opinion that his vocals, while technically being the weakest part of his musical ensemble, are in reality his strength. Mix his questionable vocals with his light-hearted, sometimes nonsensical lyrics, and you’ve got a recipe for fun. The beauty of Guns Babes Lemonade is not in its artistic feats, but in the mood it sets. Muscles creates a tone of undeniably fun-loving, devil-may-care exuberance. You can’t hear lyrics that proclaim “ice cream is going to save the day”, and, “hey muscles, I love you, I want to have your babies” without cracking a smile. On the song “Sweaty”, Muscles calls for “peace, love, ecstasy, unity, respect” as he invites everyone onto the dance floor. Later, the same song announces, “my hand slipped into your hand, and it was awesome, and you were special”.

Muscles might be young, but his sound is full, rich, and energetic, perfect for the dance floor. My only complaint is that there isn’t more of his work out there. He has some earlier work, but it seems impossible to locate.

In short, Guns Babes Lemonade is a spectacular album. If you are a fan of electronica, techno, power pop, or flat-out happy music, this one’s for you. Click through this link to check out some of his music, or look him up on Myspace, Pandora, etc.


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