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New iPod Nano, Touch, No Macbooks

Here’s the quick ‘n dirty before I leave for class:

  • new nano, with new form factor. thin, oval shape, colorful and pretty and rainbow-y.
  • new touch with integrated speaker, volume control. 2.1 firmware available starting today, includes integrated Nike+ and Genius Playlists
  • new 2.1 firmware for iPhone, fixes several bugs and generally smooths out experience
  • iTunes 8 released, featuring new graphical views of albums, artists, genres, etc, as well as genius playlists and other ways to get you to spend more money. NBC back in iTunes store. SD shows still $1.99, HD shows $2.99.
  • More games announced, hype over how awesome all their products are, jack johnson played some music for everyone
  • new iPod commercial panning it as the best mobile gaming device out there. Nintendo DS, I give you your newest competitor. More on how I feel about that later

No macbooks, macbook pros, or any hardware larger than a touch was announced. It’ll happen later this financial quarter.

Check out Gizmodo or Engagdet for more information regarding the event.


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