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Macbook Updates (as in all of them)

I love the ‘blog stats’ feature of wordpress. Really, I do. Finding out how and why people stumble onto my site is fascinating. Until i see a search term like ‘toe sucking’ or ‘fox candyland’ and I can’t for the life of me figure out how that’s relevant to anything I’ve posted. Then it’s scary.

Really though, most of you seem to end up here because of posts regarding Apple products, related rumors, updates, announcements, and anything else that has anything to do with the cult of mac.

That being said, I’m choosing to blatantly pander to all you apple fans out there, just to see if my pageviews go up. It’s going to be fun.

Really, though, there have been some updates/more rumors regarding the upcoming product refresh. Macbooks and Macbook Pros haven’t seen any sort of hardware change since early this year, around January or February. They’re way past overdue. Some photos have been leaked showing that the new Macbooks may feature an aluminum exterior, similar to that of the Macbook Air. Incidentally, while the Air looks just fine on the outside, it is due for processor and hard drive upgrades. I expect the Macbook Pro to also receive minor updates, such as a speed bump for the processor, adherence to the new Centrino 2 standard, and perhaps a few more tidbits. The biggest fish this time, however, will be their base Macbook.

aluminum macbook? Peut-etre?

aluminum macbook? Peut-etre?

I was a little disappointed that the September 9th announcement only addressed iPods, and that there were no surprises or “oh, one more thing” sort of deals at the very end. Half the fun of watching these events is the anticipation, the excitement and curiosity as to what Steve Jobs will roll out next. Maybe this next time, with the notebooks…

Oh, and while I’m on it, inside sources are pegging the next update for October 14th of this year. They need to roll out their line sooner rather than later, it gives soccer moms and dads plenty of time to buy their spoiled kids a new christmas/hannukah/kwanzaa/winter solstice toy to trash, and it gives poor hipsters enough time to save up some scratch to actually afford it. Everyone’s happy!

As for all those other products people were wondering about and salivating over, my guess is Apple will pull another category-specific announcement, just notebooks this time. Everything else will go down at the Macworld Expo in Q1 next year…


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