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Georgia = Provocateur?

The Republican party – heck, the whole United States, seems like – are of the opinion that Russia’s attack on Georgia was “completely unprovoked”. Yeah, right. I’m gonna have to call BS on that one. Georgia’s president, Mikhail Saakashvili, is notoriously hot-headed and prone to making rash decisions (sounds like a certain presidential candidate, no?). While Russia was certainly not in the right to attack Georgia for what occurred, neither were they the instigator. The region of South Ossetia has long been one of conflict and strife, with multiple ethnic groups overlapping in influence and mixing territory. There is no clean-cut way to fix the problem, and neither Georgia nor Russia has any right interfering in the affairs of the region. As far as I’m concerned, it should be given autonomous status within whichever country it will remain a part, and left to its own devices.

Spiegel, a German news source, has an interesting article regarding Saakashvili’s behavior. Finally a voice of reason.


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