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Game Preview: Mirror’s Edge

If there is one game that I will almost certainly be buying when it comes to market, it is Mirror’s Edge, by Electronic Arts.

Mirror's Edge

Mirror's Edge

Saying that this game looks slick is putting it lightly. From what I’ve seen so far, the graphics are gorgeous. The designers decided to forgo “realism” (which, when referring to videogames, is in and of itself an oxymoron), instead creating a stylized world with vibrant and vivid colors. It is by no means overload; this isn’t one of those crazy, over-the-top games with contrast that’s way too high and every color of the rainbow visible on screen at any given time. Rather, the majority of it appears to be done in shades of gray, with primary colors like red, green, and blue used as accents.

Red = Hint *go this way*

I find the use of red to be of particular interest – so far as I can tell from screenshots and gameplay videos, it has been employed as a sort of embedded hint system. Objects periodically appear in red, helping you decided what method to use when traveling through an area. This might seem like something of an easy out if you were expecting a challenging puzzler, but that’s not the point of this game. It is meant to be experienced at a certain tempo, which is encouraged by the red hints, the pacing of the game, and the fact that your character becomes more agile the faster you go.

Also, Mirror’s Edge is not a shooter, at least not in the traditional sense. Instead of blasting your way through a level, emphasis is placed on speed, agility and evasive maneuvers. When you do engage enemies, it is usually in the form of physical combat – martial arts type stuff.



I can’t wait to get my grubby little hands on this thing, mostly because of the fresh gameplay approach. It promises a breath of fresh air, and new and (hopefully) enjoyable experience. The relative absence of weaponry is rather pleasant, as well. Gameplay videos show weapons used, but almost immediately discarded. My best guess is that carrying one severely limits your maneuverability in-game. Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for blowing stuff up and making use of whatever insane guns a game’s designers have chosen to bestow upon me. At the same time, forcing me to take a different route to beat the game will be a challenge, and an extremely fun one at that. On a side note, this will probably also lower the game’s ESRB rating, meaning their potential demographic is much larger. Parents won’t mind buying the game for their kids, since they don’t have to worry about a bit of the old ultraviolence (I’m looking at you, A Clockwork Orange) creeping in.

Below is a gameplay video released by EA, as well as an animated flash trailer; it gives you an idea of how the game should turn out.

Finally, Gamespy has a preview of the game, with several videos and screenshots.


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