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Webcomic: Chainsawsuit

At the time of writing, the webcomic known as Chainsawsuit is not a featured link. It will be, though. Soon. Just as soon as I’ve finished talking it up here.



Chainsawsuit is a black and white comic with simple lines and not too much detail. No pretty colors here to keep you interested. Instead, writer/illustrator/creator/whatever Kris Straub relies on his sheer wit and somwhat violent sense of humor to keep the fans coming back.

Basically, Chainsawsuit is like meth. It might not have pretty colors, like the psychedelic drugs, and it isn’t flashy, like cocaine, but it’s simple, cheap, and addictive, and that’s enough to make me want a daily fix. Unlike meth, Chainsawsuit is legal and free. Plus there aren’t any nasty side effects (other than uncontrollable snickering), like (and I quote),

“Fatal kidney and lung disorders, brain damage, liver damage, blood clots, chronic depression, hallucinations, violent and aggressive behavior, malnutrition, disturbed personality development, deficient immune system, and methamphetamine psychosis, a mental disorder that may be paranoid psychosis or may mimic schizophrenia.”

For the love of all things holy, don’t do meth. Read Chainsawsuit instead.


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