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The Ultimate Steal

Chances are some of the people that read this are college students. If you happen to fall within that demographic, congratulations! Believe it or not, Microsoft actually cares about you. It’s either that or they jsut want to appear like they do. Either way, you profit. Read on to find out how.

Microsoft is offering Office Ultimate 2007 to anyone with a legitimate college email address (basically one with a ‘.edu’ in it) for a grand total of US $59.95. Now granted, the chances of you using any of the software other than Word, Excel, and Powerpoint are fairly slim. Maybe you’ll try out Publisher or One Note a few times, who knows. That’s irrelevant. What does matter is that even without considering all the relatively useless software thrown in, you’re still saving $90 bucks over the standard Student and Teacher Edition, which retails for $150 and contains the stuff you actually use.

This offer isn’t new; it was available last year as well. Hopefully, their marketing department will realize that such a gesture of goodwill to college students can only help them, especially as free, viable alternative such as Google Docs and Open Office are popping up right and left.

All I’m trying to say here is that if you’re a college student, and you were planning to pick up Microsoft Office 2007 at some point during the school year, don’t go to the stupid university bookstore. Go to The Ultimate Steal, input your college email address, and save just short of a benjamin.


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