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I Want Input!!!

So, I’ve pretty much been doing this since the beginning of the semester – almost two months. Not a very long time, but I’m pleased with the progress made so far. I feel like the posts I’ve written are a good indication of my interests, hobbies, and “expertise” (that was a joke).

What I want to know now is this: what do you think of it? Are there certain topics that you’d like to see covered more often, or in greater detail? Do you want more about video games, pc builds and how-to posts, political opinion pieces / rants, automotive tech, webcomics, fashion (I know this has been virtually non-existent so far, work with me). Whatever the case, let me know!

Really, this is just an excuse to try out the new poll feature, courtesy of Survey says: I like it! Nicely put together. This gets a rating of a three ice-cream cones. That’s a good thing.

Three Ice-Cream Cones

Three Ice-Cream Cones


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