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Top Five Upcoming PC Games

***Update*** Check out my new Top Five PC Games For 2009 post!

Here’s the top five PC games I’m most looking forward to. Some of them will be coming out soon, others much later. Unfortunately, most of my gaming (and, hence, game purchases) occur in between college semesters. Seriously, if I buy a new game during a semester, that’s about all I can think about until I finish it. It’s like playing russian roulette with my grades. Five times out of six everything will be fine, and I’ll play through the game without any major disruption to my studies. That one time out of the six is killer, though. It could be in the middle of finals week, and if I’d recently bought a game and gotten wrapped up in the campaign, it would be hard to spend all my time studying instead of playing the game.

Also, I’m usually living at home over the breaks, so I’ve got more discretionary income since I’m not paying for rent or food. I digress, though. This is supposed to be a list. Without further ado…

The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic

5. Star Wars: The Old Republic

SW:TOR is a MMO offshoot of KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic) and KOTOR II, two RPGs set in the Star Wars universe. I’m trying to think of it as more like living through the history of Star Wars as it is set 3600 years before the Star Wars movie franchise occurs. Although, according to the opening script of said movies, the entire thing is “a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…”, so it’s really all history (at least in theory). Whatever. This thing looks like fun, and I might even overcome my aversion to subscription-based games (don’t like the idea of having to pay monthly for my gameplay) and give this one a try. There hasn’t been a release date announced yet.

4. Bioshock 2

Really isn’t a ton to say here. At the end of the PS3 version of Bioshock, a trailer is unlocked that gives the tiniest little glimpse into the sequel of the game (which should be well under way, given that the PS3 version was released roughly a year after it came out for PC). Seems that Rapture, the haunting, leaking city that serves as the backdrop for the first adventure, might be coming to the surface. Bioshock reinvented as an above-the-water game? Intriguing. Honestly I’m not sure how they’d pull that off, given that much of the game’s charm was due to the creepy environment they created underwater. I’m interested in seeing what they come up with, though. No release date has been announced for Bioshock 2. We just know that it is coming.

Farcry 2

Farcry 2

3. Farcry 2

You’re probably thinking something along the lines of, “Really? You’re making a list of your top five upcoming PC games, and you included one that released today (October 21st)?” Well, cut me some slack here. I won’t be purchasing this game until after my semester has comfortably concluded, so yes, it is still anticipated. Hopefully I can read the reviews of it without completely destroying my experience of the game. My problem is that I often have similar opinions of reviewed material as that of the person doing the reviewing, whether I watched/read/played the thing before or after reading it’s review(s). It has the unfortunate tendency to make me take reviewers at their word when I should be adding in a massive grain of salt until I can get my own impression of the thing. Toward that end, Gamespy’s Dave “Fargo” Kosak says of the game, “Visually breathtaking and ambitious in scope, Far Cry 2 falls shy of it’s amazing potential.” Bummer, but I’m still buying it.

Mirrors Edge

Mirror's Edge

2. Mirror’s Edge

I’ve already written a preview post for Mirror’s Edge, so this really shouldn’t be a surprise. This game has impressive art direction, and an incredibly intriguing/promising gameplay. Plus it’s set in a rather Orwellian future society. Government has become the Big Brother of speculative fiction prophesy, and it’s coming for you. Better run.

Fallout 3

Fallout 3

1. Fallout 3

This sucker has got me salivating more than a porterhouse steak. It’s releasing in one week – October 28th, if you’re not big on counting – but I won’t be playing it until mid-December I’ve prepurchased it on Steam, because I have no self control. Regardless, that just gives me even more time to get excited. In the interest of full disclosure, I’d like to mention that I’ve never played Fallout 2 or the original Fallout. Despite this failing on my part, I’ve got good reason to get excited about this. I’m a big fan of RPGs, especially action-oriented ones, and Fallout 3 has RPG characteristics and action in spades. The graphics don’t look too shabby, either. Unfortunately, my personal PC Upgrade Timeline dictates that I wait to purchase a new processor or video card until I’m post study abroad, so as to not strain my finances. I’ll manage, though. My 8800 GT isn’t exactly brand new, but it’ll do the trick just fine. I’m also kinda hoping that Fallout 3 either drops in price by December or is offered on Steam (my distribution system of choice). Or both. Whatever the end outcome, this is my number-one-anticipated-super-awesome-can’t-wait PC game for the next year or so.


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