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Update My Software? Too Much Hassle

You know what drives me crazy? I mean really, really kills me, what galls me, what grinds my gears, as some would say? Updating my software. Yeah, it’s usually beneficial to me, and yes, regardless whether or not there are tangible results, I still have an illogical desire to do it. That being said, there are some changes that need to be made before I’ll ever completely give in to my software-updating obsession.

I updated iTunes this morning. Not so much a big deal, right? It wouldn’t be, not usually. I don’t even think this particular update (8.0.1) had anything important in it; probably a few fixes for bugs that I’ve never run across and never will. It would’ve just been another satisfying update – for you see, knowing I’m using the current iteration of something is kinda important to me – except for the stupid end-user license agreement, or EULA. Almost every mainstream piece of software has one, and so far as I can tell, all of them make you reaffirm with each update that yes, you the user, do hereby agree and solemnly swear to only use the software as they, the company see fit; to never hack or mod it, or use it for nefarious purposes, and most importantly, to never try to sue them if something goes horribly wrong while using said piece of software. It’s not their fault, seriously. You did something wrong.

Anyway, it is my most humble opinion that if I’ve agreed to this once, I’m saying that then, now, and forever after, I agree to their stupid little agreement. The fact that a few bugs were fixed is not going to change this. Now, I realize it’s probably an issue concerning liability or some such bureaucratic nonsense, but let’s be practical. Agreeing to it once is good enough. Making me re-do the dumb EULA over and over and over again is kind of insulting, frankly.

I realize that this will likely never change, but I’m an optimist. Maybe someday, years and years from now, humanity will have the sense to drop license agreements from their products and just let people do with them what they will, consequences be damned.

Until then, I’ll just sit here and quietly curse each and every time I am forced to click ‘I Agree’, and a little part of me will die on the inside.


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