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A Day in the Life

I feel obligated to post some sort of update, however brief. Too often I plan on writing something, and mention it in a post, only to fail to follow through in any way whatsoever. That being said:

  • This is my unofficial finals week. The real one for OU is next week, but I’ve got two final exams and to big papers due this week. I just took my Chinese final this afternoon *fingers crossed*, and I’m about to write my second final paper. Life is a bit busy at the moment.
  • I met up with Stephen Carradini of Independent Clauses, an online music review magazine that specializes in – you guessed it – independent bands. I’ve got five CDs to review for IC, and I’ll post them up here once I’ve finished them (anticipated for next week).
  • I intend to write up reviews for a couple of apps I’ve been playing on my iPod Touch. Conveniently, one of them just released two new iterations of them game, an expanded version of the current game (it costs $.99), and a multiplayer version (which would set me back $7.99). I’m pretty sure I’ll spring for the 99 cent upgrade, but I haven’t made up my mind about the multiplayer addition. Not that eight bucks is a lot of money, but I really am trying to save as much as possible. The second game I dropped 5 bucks for and I’ve actually been really satisfied with my purchase.
  • I still need to finish writing up the last post or two on my friend Raymond’s PC that I built back at the beginning of the semester. Sad, I know, but I can’t seem to get myself to finish the dang thing. Maybe this next week.

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  1. I’ll update my blog when I damn well feel like it!

    Just been busy with this novel thing, you know. Oh, and an Italian final project. Oh, and the first half of my piano exam.

    I do love when dead week is the busiest week of the semester.

    Comment by Matt | December 12, 2008 | Reply

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