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Test Videos: Aiptek Action HD

So I promised some videos in my last post on the Aiptek Action HD, and here they are. I tried to cover a wide range of the Aiptek’s functions so you can get a good idea what it is (and isn’t) capable of.

First is a video taken while driving on the highway @ 70mph. No, I wasn’t shooting video and driving simultaneously. I got my little sister to hold the camcorder.

There are two things that you should take away from this one. First, 60fps doesn’t guarantee a smooth picture (though in all honesty, I don’t ever expect to shoot in that manner). If the camcorder can’t process your shot quickly enough, fast-moving objects will still be blurry. Second, if you don’t know how to shoot video and don’t want to learn, this isn’t the camcorder for you. Without image stabilization and good autofocus, you need to know what you’re doing to get a good product out of the Action HD.

This next one is fairly self-explanatory – it covers the Action HD’s ability to do night shots.

Overall, it works decently well (at least at close distances). Even then, it’s more suited for low-light situations than absolute dark, and putting it in night mode makes the video noticeably jerky at times, even in the small screen it’s got.

Next is a comparison of video shot at 1080p and 30 fps, versus 720p and 60 fps. This certainly isn’t a perfect test, nor remotely scientific – The video subjects remain the same, but they aren’t repeating the same action, so its a bit of an “apples to oranges” comparison. Also, these are all uploaded to Youtube, which I’m fairly certain reduces the resolution of full HD clips to 720p.

The videos both show a bit of jerkiness, which is due to the lack of image stabilization. For best results with the camcorder, a tripod is recommended, both by me and by Aiptek. The reality, though, is that most of what I shoot will be sans-tripod, so it made sense to test it without using one.

Finally, I’ve got a couple of shots where I tested the microphone. One is indoors, where my voice is essentially the only sounded by recorded. The other is outside, and water and wind noise are also picked up. The microphone on the Aiptek is mono, so testing it with a lot of different sound sources will give you an idea of what the quality will be in most situations. I’ll try to update this later with a video showing how it deals with ambient noise – music going, multiple people talking, etc.

***Update*** My camcorder ran out of juice, and apparently doesn’t charge from USB like I assumed it did. The outdoor mic test will have to wait.


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