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Windows 7: I am Victorious

After 24 hours of checking and rechecking four different sites for availability of the Windows 7 beta, I finally snagged myself a copy. That’s with a product key, mind you – if I were impatient, I would’ve grabbed the ISO long ago and just let it expire after 30 days. That’s the weak way to do it. Vigilance pays off, my friend. That, and about a metric ton of caffeine. On the other hand, if you aren’t as cool as me (aka didn’t get a beta key), here’s the 64 bit ISO, and here’s the 32-bit ISO. It’s crippled (no updates) and it’ll die young (read: 30 days), but I’m sure you’ll enjoy the time, right?

I’m currently sitting at 17% 24% downloaded, around 570MB 775MB so far out of the total 3.2GB file. Once I’ve got it, I’ll burn the sucker to a disk and document the super fun lovely exciting install process. It’s going onto a second partition on my Macbook, so we’ll see how that goes. In particular, I’ve got this morbid curiosity to see if the multi-touch support will actually work with the touch pad. I’m told (as in this is unconfirmed) that Windows 7 has 48 bit color support, though this isn’t even remotely useful yet as not graphics cards can take advantage of that yet.

Anyway, plenty of screenshots and stuff await your eager eyes/faces/brains/whatever. Don’t forget to check back later tonight tomorrow, my loyal (or perhaps accidental) readers.

Note: the delay in content is due to the fact that my Macbook is absolutely dragging it’s feet on the hard drive partition necessary for a dual-boot install. I’m just about ready to restart and begin the partition all over again – it might actually be faster than sitting here hoping that it’ll magically go through.

***Update*** I’ve temporarily given up on the Windows 7 beta. Boot Camp Assistant won’t recognize my burned ISO as a valid Windows Installation CD, meaning it won’t let me boot from the CD and actually use the partition I created for that specific purpose. I’ve got other PCs in the house I could use, but I’m at home, not away at school right now, so I’d rather not do an install on a computer that isn’t mine. The Windows 7 beta is tabled indefinitely.


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  1. Newsflash:
    Vista is NT6.0
    Win7 is NT6.1

    and in 2009 both still behave as beta quality
    software (bloatware nagware payware slowware
    virusware etc).

    At the moment there only exist four OS
    worth using.


    Comment by u6 | April 26, 2009 | Reply

    • u6,

      Thanks for commenting, but I’ve got to disagree with your assessment here. Vista, while it wasn’t that great when originally released, has seen vast improvements over time, particularly after the release of SP1. It hasn’t lived up to the expectations that Microsoft rather foolishly encouraged, but it is by no means “beta quality software.” As for Windows 7, well, it is still in beta, so I’m not sure what your point was there.

      I am a fan of the work that nLite does, though I’ll admit that I’ve yet to implement one of their modified OSes. As for Linux… I’ve had short-lived interest in various distros, but never enough to merit using it full-time.

      Comment by Brian | April 29, 2009 | Reply

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