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Intel Price Cuts

Intel couldn’t resist. They’ve cut prices on a number of their processors. While I’m sure they planned to do so anyway, I can’t help but think that some small part of it was just to stick it to AMD and their new Phenom II processors. Anyway, I’ve taken some screenshots of the damage:

Core 2 Quad processors

Core 2 Quad processors

The most significant price cuts came in the Core 2 Quad line – notably, the Q9650 is now $316, a 40% reduction in price. I’d also like to point out that the Q9400, Q8300, and Q8200 have all received price reductions. They are the processors that the new Phenom II 920 and 940 are most comparable to in terms of performance. At $213, the Q9400 is a steal compared to the Phenom II 940, which lists for $275. The Q8300 and Q8200, at $183 and $163 respectively, blow the Phenom II 920 out of the water at its price of $235.

***Update*** AMD has now dropped their Phenom II prices to $235 and $195 for the 940 and 920, making them much more competitive in a cost/benefit analysis of the respective power of each processor.

Core i7 processors

Core i7 processors

I know everyone (myself included) was secretly hoping for a price on the Core i7 lineup, but that just wasn’t meant to be. Intel will leave them at their current prices for a while in order to recoup some of the R&D costs associated with a new architecture. Also going without a price reduction is the Core 2 Extreme QX9775, though why anyone would buy it at $1,499 when they can get a Core i7 965 for $999 is beyond me.

Xeon processors

Xeon processors

The final chunk of price reductions of note are to the Xeon processors. The X3370, X3360, X3350, and X3330 are all receiving price drops to $316, $266, $266, and $224. If you were wondering why the X3360 and X3350 are price identically, such a format typically indicates that the less powerful processor (X3350) will be gradually phased out of production.

Not shown here are minor price changes in the Pentium Dual-Core and Celeron line of processors. If you’re interested in seeing them, you can download the new price list for yourself here.


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