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Tech + Lifestyle’s Confession

If I were Catholic, I suppose that I would go to confession on occasion. Who am I kidding, I do tons of bad stuff. My (theoretical) priest would probably set aside half an hour each week just for me. Consider this my nerd-blog variant of confession. Forgive me, gentle reader, for I have sinned. No, that’s not a reference to all the recent Sins of a Solar Empire content.

Prior to this post, only three of the ten posts visible on the front page of my blog could truly be considered original content (and one of those was a guest post from my friend Zach). The rest was reposted video, news, and articles from tech sites. Sure, I throw my opinion onto the end of it, which I consider to be my saving grace in this matter, but most of it didn’t come from me. Sharing content is fine, but it shouldn’t be a substitute for my own work.

*After twenty minutes of losing myself in Wikipedia while reading about confession, mortal sin, venial sin, catholicism, eastern orthodoxy, greek orthodoxy, the first council of Nicaea, and Nicaragua (absolutely no relation to the rest of it).*

Consider this the apology of a penitent blogger, because if blogging had sins, I’m pretty sure that a dearth of original content would count as a mortal blogging sin. I hereby resolve, now and forever, to make every effort to consistently produce original content for my blog, and to add meaningful commentary to any reposted content. I feel like there should be some variation on, “til death do us part” in there somewhere. Oh well. Load off my chest, kinda.

This is the part where you say, “You are absolved, Brian of Tech + Lifestyle. Go forth and sin no more.”


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  1. Say 5 “Hail Mary”s as penance and remind me to post more on my own blog. Btw, i’ve got an interesting story concerning my own wikipedian sojourn tonight. I’ll tell it to you later.

    Comment by Zach | January 28, 2009 | Reply

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