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A (Liberal) Dose of Sarcasm

From the comment section of DailyTech‘s article, “Obama, Congress Pack Net Neutrality, Broadband Into Stimulus.”

MrBungle123: The recession Bush inherited from Clinton was shortened by the Bush tax cut.
(several comments later, in reply to MrBungle123)
sgw2n5: Bwahahaaaahaahaaa
Cool, DT has their own revisionist historian!

If you bother actually reading the original article, it’s pretty standard stuff, just reporting on the inclusion of a $6 billion portion of the stimulus package intended for increased broadband penetration and the protection of net neutrality.

Unfortunately, any time that Obama and/or Bush are mentioned, the comment section quickly devolves into a partisan hate-fest. Normally intelligent people turn the worst kind of either populist or capitalist imaginable, depending on their views. Language gets a bit nasty, and right when you’re about to move on in your websurfage, a gem pops up in the comments.


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