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Pulling My Hair Out

Want to know what was supposed to have been posted today? No wait, scratch that. Want to know what was supposed to have been posted on Saturday? A videogame review. It was fun – the very first Tech + Lifestyle Double Feature Video™. Obviously, it hasn’t gone up yet. I’m about 90% done, and getting hung up on the video. Apple, in their infinite wisdom, decided that it wasn’t important to make iMovie ’08 compatible with AVI video. That’s all well and good, except I that when I game, I used Fraps for taking screenshots, shooting video of it, etc. What does Fraps output video in? AVI. When I first realized what the problem was, I thought no problem, I’ll just download something to convert the video clips. That’s when things really started to get fun. For whatever reason – I suspect Fraps is using some sort of obscure codec/setting – absolutely none of the converters, whether in Windows or OS-X, have actually succeeded in outputting an actual video file. The closest I’ve gotten is getting a black screen with the audio playing. I’ve tried using AVS, ffmpegX, the DivX converter, S.U.P.E.R., VLC’s transcoding wizard, and about a dozen other programs I can’t even remember the names of right now. I curse iMovie ’08 for it’s unnecessary obstinance, and likewise I curse Fraps for it’s annoying output formats. I’m sure the solution is *just* around the corner, but I haven’t got the patience for it tonight. Consider this a promise that tomorrow afternoon, come hell or high water, I’m going to post my review, video and all. I might be clinically insane by that point, but I’ll still have the drive to finish the stupid thing.


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  1. *Ahem* LOL. I’ll have to check this out. Btw, as a rule of thumb, every video editing program hates divx/xvid with a morbid passion.

    Comment by Zach | February 4, 2009 | Reply

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