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Weekly Shenanigans #1

It might be fun to add some sort of structure to the old blog, right? At the moment, I just sort of slap posts up as they come to me, with absolutely no consistency or discernible pattern. I’d like to try to change that. Maybe I won’t be totally successful at first, but eventually I’ll chisel out something of a schedule, with weekly columns and whatnot. Theoretically I’ll put out something like mobile gaming posts on Mondays, tech tutorials on Tuesdays, etc. Stuff like that, but without the horrific 1950s-style alliteration.

Sounds cool, right? I think so.

Now, it’d be all logical to just start organizing the posts that I already make into categories, but that would be boring and not very T+L-esque. Instead, I’m starting at the end, and writing up a wrap-up of tech and media items of note that caught my eye during the week but weren’t quite post-worthy, as well as some personal tidbits. Furthermore, I’m starting the posting of this column, entitled Weekly Shenanigans, on a Tuesday (because that’s when it makes sense to post something that is part wrap-up, part update, and part caffeine-fueled musing). Never fear, you intrepid logic junkies – that’s only going to be temporary. The following Weekly Shenanigans will go up on Saturdays, or possibly Sundays. I haven’t really worked all the kinks out yet.

Oh, and in the interest of full disclosure, and because some guy somewhere once said “know thyself” or something along those lines, I’m estimating that there’s a 28% chance that this will be the first, last, and only ever Weekly Shenanigans. That’s how I roll (28% of the time).

Okay. There. The column has been sufficiently introduced. Without further ado, and in no particular order, I present the contents of Weekly Shenanigans #1.

  • I’ve been posting and/or working on a lot of interviews lately, which is kind of fun because it actually involves a bit of journalistic effort. Want to know the secret? The only writing I have to do for them is when I come up with the questions. The hard part is badgering people so much that they run out of stalling and evasive tactics, at which point the only option left is to talk to me! Awesome, huh? Believe me, it works really well. Except for the times when it doesn’t. Regardless, it’s all about persistence. Case in point: Joel W. of Hijinks Ensue is a busy guy, but after six or seven weeks of pestering, he answered my questions. He was probably filing a restraining order at the same time, but I got my response. Success!
  • Before Joel’s interview, there was about a week and a half during which I didn’t post at all. I would like to formally blame that on my trip to Shanghai, which was much needed but entirely unproductive. Oh, and Shanghai is crazy-expensive compared to Kunming, where I’m currently residing. It was like sending my wallet to a fat camp. It came back all thin and pretty, but now it just sits in the corner, crying softly.
  • After seeing all the Team Fortress 2 updates that have been released this week, I’ve got this nagging fear that I won’t be able to get back into the game without an overwhelmingly difficult learning/adjustment curve. That might sound extreme, but take into account the fact that when I get back on, it will have been over 9 months since I last played. I’m probably going to go from decent, moderately skilled contributor to cannon-fodder for newbs.
  • Thats two levels more than Whedonesque!

    That's two levels more than Whedonesque!

    It’s a little hard to keep track of American television shows in China, but heaven knows I’m trying. I just caught the most recent episode of House (Season 5, Episode 24 I think), and it absolutely blew me away. The episodes have been getting steadily better since around halfway through the season, but holy crap House just went from witty to divinely inspired. I’m not going to throw in any spoilers in deference to any of you that haven’t seen it yet, but if that’s you, STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND GO WATCH IT.

  • You know how some people suffer from writer’s block? I’ve currently got writer’s paralyzing self-doubt. In between studying Chinese, blogging, and writing for other websites, I’m also squeezing in my first attempt at a novel. It’s nothing special, and it certainly isn’t pretty (yet). So far as I can tell, these are bad things to realize when you’re only about 15-20% into a project. I’ll keep chugging through it, but it’s no fun knowing that your writing sucks and will keep doing so for the foreseeable future when the manuscript is actually something semi-important.
  • I’ve been trying to chalk out a rough outline for where I want to see this blog go, what I want it to turn into, both in terms of content and site design. I’m pretty set on transforming the whole thing into an independent site, but I’ve got no idea when that will happen. Maybe in the next six months, maybe in the next year… I really can’t say. For now I’m working on increasing my readership and entertaining ideas for a custom site design. If you’ve got suggestions, magical coding skills, or pearls of wisdom, hit me up.

That’s it for Weekly Shenanigans #1. Nothing too revolutionary, but it’s fun to write on a slightly more personal level once in a while. Until next time, you little, uh… (I was about to make some sort of reference to Americans, but it turns out you kids really are quite the international bunch. Hit up that little map-thingy on the bottom right to check out where I’ve been getting hits from across the globe (not China though. China hates WordPress)).


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