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Tortoise: Beacons of Ancestorship

As you kids may or may not know, depending on how regularly you frequent this blog, one of my other time-occupying, thought not necessarily money-paying jobs is writing music reviews for Independent Clauses. They usually cover unknown and unsigned bands, which is good in some respects and not in others. Good, in that I’m always discovering new music I like that nobody has ever heard of. Bad, in that some of them are really, truly, no-way-around-it horrible.

That being said, I’ve got the opportunity to review a relatively big band this week. It’s Tortoise, who have been around for quite some time and were instrumental in helping form and develop the post-rock genre while it was in its infancy. The thought of getting my grubby little hands on this album before most everyone else has got me giddy, and perhaps excessively excited. I don’t post a ton of music reviews to this blog – certainly not all the ones I write for IC – but rest assured, this one will be here. Beacons of Ancestorship is the name of the album; it’s out June 23rd and promises to be great from what I’ve heard so far.

If you’ve made it this far through your life without having heard this guys, shame on you. They’re awesome, post-rock trailblazers that are all about mixing and matching musical genres. Think jazz meets trance/electronic meets post-rock.

I just submitted my review to IC, and I’ll repost here once it goes live.


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