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Weeky Shenanigans #4 (E3/Computex Edition)

Here lies Weekly Shenanigans #4…

  • Left4Dead fans were up in arms this week after Valve announced a sequel Left4Dead 2. Most felt that the sequel was taking the place of content updates or DLC. Valve’s own Doug Lombardi took some time at E3 to talk with Rock Paper Shotgun and seems to have mollified most of the gamers that were previously sharpening their blades and planning an offensive against Valve’s headquarters.
  • By far, Nintendo’s conference at E3 was the most uninspiring. Evidently they’re content with seducing even more of the casual demographic with things like the Vitality Sensor. I’m sorry, but really?! The Vitality Sensor? That sounds like a scam whose sole demographic is men with ED. They did announce a handful of interesting games, including a new Metroid from Team Ninja. I’m not sure who thought of that combination, but they deserve the biggest cookie in the history of baking cookies. With chocolate chips, and a chewy middle that’s just ever-s0-slightly doughy. The Penny Arcade guys summed it up pretty well with this:
  • The new control schemes announced by Microsoft and Sony are definitely a step in the right direction, though I remain skeptical. Don’t get me wrong, the demos for both Project Natal (M-soft) and Motion Controller (Sony) looked slick. It remains to be seen, however, if developers can actually manage to implement this artfully. Part of that is accepting that some gamers don’t want to control crap by frantically waving around in some sort of interpretive dance. Some of us like sitting there, with controllers in hand, all but comatose to the casual observer. That’s just how we roll. By all means, bring on motion control, voice control, brain control, but don’t take my precious buttons away from me. That’s one thing I know you can never screw up.
  • My favorite game of the show? Scribblenauts, for DS. It looks positively magical. I don’t want to explain the thing, because I haven’t gotten to play it yet, and others have already done a much better job of it than I could. Suffice to say I’ll be dusting off my battered old original DS so I can play this game, and I’ll be covering here.
  • Other games I can’t wait to get my hands on: Just Cause 2, Homefront, APB, MGS5, Bayonetta, etc etc etc. I’m going to be busy this fall.

And in other news this week: Computex! This is like E3 for PC hardware geeks. There are new motherboards, new cases, new power supplies, crazy variations on reference graphics cards… I could go on, but I won’t. Here are a couple of my favorite blips from the other other white meat:

  • This case – I’m sorry, chassis – is gorgeous. Now if only I could afford one…
  • Intel has announced a flash memory technology called Braidwood, to be incorporated into 5-series chipsets. It’s incredibly similar to something they tried back in 2006 – anyone remember Turbo Memory? Yeah, that didn’t really go anywhere. If it works as planned, cool! More performance and less of a storage bottleneck. If not, *shrug* back to business as usual.

That’s it for this week. I would’ve added more pictures, but China is being a jerk and seriously impeding my productivity. Surviving over here is a marathon of epic proportions. How am I supposed to maintain a blog when I can only get on proxy servers for fifteen or twenty minutes at a time? Oh, that’s right – I’m supposed to keep my opinions to myself. Silly me.


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