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Unto Me A Child Is Born

Not really, not like that. I promise I haven’t knocked up anybody, Chinese or otherwise. This is about a website, or rather, what will become a website.

Yesterday, while mucking about on the interwebs, I decided it was high time I bought my own domain name. was an obvious place to start. It’s a good name, a solid name, and I like that I own it. Don’t bother searching to it (yet); at the time of this writing, I’ve just got it redirecting to this blog. Eventually, I’ll put up a clean, snappy little website that will serve as my online resume – what I’ve written, links to my various online works, social profiles, etc. Who knows, I might even make a little video for it. That could be fun. Or disastrous.

Other than that, I went ahead and bought two others. I now own and The latter is intended as an adjective of sorts, as in, “that’s rockety!” or, “what a rockety website!” I’ve got no idea what I’ll do with that one. In fact, I’m putting it up on auction for now, in case somebody else wants to buy it at a slight price increase.

The other one is what I’m really excited about: That’s right: Robot Bomb. Half Robot. Half Bomb. All… shiny? I haven’t quite figured out the third bit yet. Regardless, this is going to be my first shameless attempt at a Website That Makes Money. I’m thinking it’ll be a lifestyle rag with a serious geek bent to it, covering videogames (DUH), tech, music, movies, and nerd gear. Lots of product recommendations, some weekly columns, and maybe the odd video or podcast. That’s the plan, anyway. We’ll see if I can actually make anything of it.

Let me say this: I know it can be a bit of  tongue-twister at first. Robot-bomb-dot-com. Robo-bom-om. Mono-robo-mom. Bo-ro-nom-nom-nom. Rachmaninoff. You’ll get used to it. Or not, in which case it’ll become a site devoted to haiku and limericks, which are nice.

I’m looking to adopt two distinct styles of writing – short, sweet, and humorous on Robot Bomb, longer and occasionally thoughtful on T+L. That one will be all business, this will be more personal and self-indulgent. That’s how it goes, unless it doesn’t. Then all bets are off.

The current, extremely-vague time line for getting this thing up and running is to hack out the bones of the site by September, start regular posting in early October, and (hopefully) make enough to cover hosting costs by December. After that, who knows? While I’m still in the very rough planning phase, I’d love some input. What should I include? What should I avoid at all costs? Got any suggestions on site design? Better yet, want to design it for me? Also, if anyone is interested in doing some freelance cartooning, I’d like to get a couple of banners and avatars made. We can either hash out a (reasonable) price or trade services (i.e. banners from you, writing from me). Sound good? Awesome. B-52, A-23, C-58, Admiral Ackbar, break!


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  1. you gotta like the robot bomb

    Comment by Davis | June 10, 2009 | Reply

  2. Nice job on finally nailing down your name!

    Robotbomb sounds interesting. Get a delightful logo and I can see it going somewhere…and, of course, if you ever need writers, you know who to call!

    I’m getting photos for the Quicksave article right now. Expect them in a couple of hours.

    Comment by mattmadeiro | June 11, 2009 | Reply

  3. […] on projects. That being said, I won’t be trying to squeeze any more content out of Matt until Robot Bomb goes live, so until then get your fix by heading over to Single Spaced, his blog. Ladies and […]

    Pingback by Quicksave is Killing Me « Tech + Lifestyle | June 13, 2009 | Reply

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