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Weekly Shenanigans #5

I know you all love me. You don’t have to say it, I just know.

  • Epix HD: we've got Ironman and stuff.

    Epix HD: we've got Ironman and stuff.

    This week saw mention of a new video service called Epix HD. It’s an interesting mix of internet and cable TV, brought to you by Lionsgate, Paramount, and MGM. You can view content as a regular TV channel, or access 720p video streaming online for free, providing you’ve got a cable subscription (and your provider has inked a deal with them). It will feature new movies and possibly premium TV series content, similar to HBO, but there won’t be any additional charge for access. Finally, a compelling reason to keep my cable subscription. Woot.

  • Anandtech has a great article on the iPhone 3G S hardware, breaking down what’s going into the new hardware and explaining in relatively simple terms why it’s such a vast improvement. I liked his take so much I’m using him as a source for an iPGN article I’m working on.
  • Asus, one of the larger (and decidedly better) Taiwanese computer and component manufacturers, has gotten a little scrappy lately. They’ve declared war on both Nintendo and Apple, claiming that they’ve built a console that will beat the Wii, and making it publicly known that their goal is to, “provide products that are better than Apple’s.” On the console: they may have created a similar/higher spec’d console, but  how are they going to convince companies to develop games for it? As for the goal of besting Apple, I wish them luck, but I’m not holding my breath.
  • If you don’t read the webcomic Penny Arcade regularly, you should. Tycho and Gabe are freakin’ brilliant, though their work is mostly meant for gamers. If you don’t like video games, the vast majority of their strips probably won’t make any sense to you. That being said, they’re currently 2/3 through a special series of one-offs that are some of the best stuff I’ve seen out of them. Here are the links for the first two comics, Lookouts and Automata. I would repost them here, but they’re enormous, full-page works. Click through, suckers.
  • Robot Bomb: Under Construction

    Robot Bomb!

    Finally, on a personal note, my posting frequency will be dipping this summer as I pour my time and energy into preparing for Robot Bomb. At first I wondered whether I was jumping the gun a little starting now, but I’ve already ran into a few unexpected speed bumps, so my eagerness has proved its merit. On a positive note, I’ve had several quality writers express interest in being involved in this, and I’ve almost definitely decided who I’ll be using for hosting. They’re a little more expensive than other options, but I think it’ll be worth it. Go hard or go home, right?

Also: I’m back on Twitter!


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