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Interview: Ian Lynch Smith, Freeverse

No can do, you evil blogger.

No can do, you evil blogger.

My Chinese internets aren’t behaving. I would’ve re-posted this whole interview I did for iPGN, but it decided that I should get a “problem loading page” message every time I try to access it. Who knows, maybe I said something that offended the CCP; it isn’t very hard to do, after all.

Instead, here’s the link. Eat Read your hearts out.


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  1. To whom it may concern,

    I purchased Freeverse Classic Cribbage a few years ago for my home mac computer. Well that computer is dying and I have purchased a macbook pro laptop. I am an avid cribbage player and love the classic cribbage but when I try to transfer my copy to my new computer it won’t let me log in for net games. I would be willing to pay for another copy but I can not get in touch with Ian by his supplied phone number and the software is no longer available on the net.

    Help please.

    David Roy

    Comment by David Roy | July 28, 2009 | Reply

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