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I Bought Windows 7 Today, or I Am Victorious: Return of the Victorious

Pre-ordering: it's what all the cool kids do.

Pre-ordering: it's what all the cool kids do.

Before we get into any of this, note the title. Yeah, that’s witty; it even references an earlier post, which is always fun.

Okay, down to business.

I pre-ordered Windows 7 today for $49.99. Fine, $55.97 if you want to get technical and include shipping.

It was good. It was lovely. And for a few hair-raising minutes, it looked like it wasn’t even going to happen.

Newegg didn’t officially show it as in stock, and just had the auto-notify button up. Office Depot was out of stock. Microsoft’s online store crashed every time I tried to access it. Enter my hero: Amazon. Ordered, confirmed, and scheduled to arrive on the day Windows 7 officially releases.

Before any of you go off into some sort of anti-Windows / anti-early adopter / anti-other stuff rage, let me make a few points:

1. Other than resorting to piracy (which is illegal, I’ll have you know), this is by far the cheapest way I’ll be able to get Windows 7 onto my current machine.

2. Yes, the $49.99 option is only for an upgrade disk and not the full retail version, but check this out: you can opt to do a clean reinstall. From XP, which is what my main rig currently uses, you HAVE to do a clean install. Upgrading isn’t even a choice, and that’s fine with me – I wouldn’t have wanted to in the first place. Upgrading on top of current operating systems is generally a messy process that leaves you with an install that isn’t as quality as simply doing a fresh one.

3. OEM copies are great, and I heartily recommend them typically, but there are no indications right now as to how much those will cost.

4. Windows 7 is new. I realize that. I also realize that for all the praise it has garnered, it won’t be without faults. The dolts out there writing trojans, worms, viruses, and all manner of nasty stuff will begin targeting 7 specifically, and my computer may end up on the receiving end of that. Regardless, it’ll still be a net improvement over XP, which by now has patches for its patches, hot fixes for its earlier hot fixes, security revisions for its… you get the picture.

5. DX 10 & 11; have you heard of them? Technically my current graphics card supports DX 10, but XP doesn’t. By moving to 7 I’ll be making new graphical possibilities available to myself. DX 11 isn’t available yet, and DX 10 has a tendency to hurt performance as much as it helps, but there’s no reason I can’t just be a little discerning from game to game.

6. I’m not a die-hard early adopter, but I will do so when it suits my purposes. Other technologies I give five or six years before buying into. Windows 7 is coming at the right time, at the right price-point to make it worth my while. If Vista was a well-intentioned but half-baked product, then 7 is what happens when you give that cookie time to cook through properly. Also: I like baked goods.



All that being said, you can expect a nerdtastic post on the 22nd or 23rd of October about my lovely install process. There will be an abundance of Mountain Dew and Cheetos if anyone in the area wants to make a party out of it.

I’m not sure how much longer this pre-order sale will last, as Microsoft has explicitly stated that supplies are limited, but who knows – you might get lucky. Go hit up your online retailer of choice (or e-tailer, if you prefer, but I hate that non-word with a passion) and see if you can still get a copy. If not, you can always do a deal with the devil.


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  1. i’ve already using windows 7 professional, so far i think this is the best operating system now, awesome 😀

    Comment by Ilmi Aji | December 3, 2009 | Reply

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