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I officially declare myself on sabbatical until, say, July 9th (or maybe the 10th). There will still be a Weekly Shenanigans going up on Sunday, but that’s only because I just wrote and scheduled the wretched thing.

I’ve got finals to focus on at my Chinese university. Maddeningly, while the professors were perfectly willing to tell us what to study for the midterms, every single one of them has told us that the content of the finals are a secret. It looks like I’m actually going to have to study. Curses.

On a side note, I would like to express a rather strong dislike for receiving text messages from China Mobile on consecutive days, each cheerfully informing me that they’ve removed money from my account when in fact I haven’t even bothered using my phone in three or four days. Taking money from me two days in a row for unknown reasons is not cool, China Mobile. I don’t like you very much.


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