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Weekly Shenanigans #7

Ah, the ritual posting of Weekly Shenanigans. Shamelessly copying the format of RPS’ Sunday Papers since, well, seven Weekly Shenanigans ago. Enough with the reminiscing, it’s making me all weepy. Read this stuff:

  • These people should be shot for blasphemy and willful mockery of the star wars we all know and love. I don’t know what else to say on the subject. ***Update*** When I just tried to access the site for a pic, it was down for maintenance. Courage, fair reader.
  • There’s craziness afoot in the gaming world. Bethesda’s mother ship Zenimax has purchased id Software, the developer of such priceless treasures as Doom and Castle Wolfenstein. Here’s hoping that Bethesda’s next release makes use of John Carmack’s technical prowess to up the ante a little from the aged Gamebryo graphics engine employed in Fallout 3. Also, EA has made the… interesting decision to merge Mythic and Bioware into, “a giant RPG robot,” as Kotaku so eloquently described the situation. Personally, I’m trying to stay positive and naively assume that these mergers will produce good things instead of misshapen monster-things.
  • This just in: Computer buyers don’t actually know what they’re doing. Shocking, huh? Not really, at least not from my perspective. Even those who have some vague idea of how performance metrics work for computers tend to fixate on a, “bigger numbers mean a better computer” line of thought. While this is better than picking a PC at random, it isn’t by much. Specifically, though, this applies to netbook buyers. It seems most of them think that they’re buying regular, albeit small, notebooks. They haven’t got a clue as to the implications of the netbook moniker, and as such are often displeased when it comes to performance. Tisk, tisk, Average Consumer. Do a little research before shelling out your hard-earned dollars on shiny things.
  • If you’ve seen Transformers: ROTF (note to self: does not actually stand for “rolling on the floor”), good for you. I haven’t yet, mostly because in China that means either buying a movie ticket for the cost of a high-end dinner, or getting a nasty hand-cam pirated copy. For a movie that is basically a very long, drawn-out piece of eye-candy, neither of those options are logical or appealing. In the meantime, I’m drawing solace from Nedroid’s review of the film.
  • If you’re into PC or Xbox 360 gaming, and you’re misguidedly under the impression that you’re talented, Newegg has some fun planned for you. They’re hosting Summer Wanfest ’09 from June 29th – July 24th, featuring the titles Gears of War 2, Street Fighter IV, and NHL ’09 on the Xbox 360, and Counterstrike 1.6, Dawn of War 2, and Left 4 Dead on the PC. There’s prizes and stuff, and it’s free to enter. Hit the link and get your game on.
  • Lastly, this sucker was recently announced. I want it. Given that the previous two HTC Android-phones have been released on T-mobile’s network (to which I am currently enslaved), I’m holding out hope that I can get my grubby little hands on it sometime this fall. If not that, maybe Christmas…

What? You were expecting something more? My wit-o-matic 2000 can only crank out so much at a time. Sorry. Jeez.

Random Fact: This edition of Weekly Shenanigans was actually written on Friday afternoon.


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  1. Is it just me, or does the android interface look like something apple would come up with? Also, I hate verizon.

    Comment by Zach | June 29, 2009 | Reply

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