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Weekly Shenanigans #8

Shenanigans remind me of cliched Irish terminology and the movie Office Space. Surely, neither of those are bad things. If they are, I don’t want to be right. Anyhow, I present to you the eighth iteration of Weekly Shenanigans, that once-every-seven-days feature that you all know and love. Bastion of all things geek and nerd, purveyor of tech-news… how would you ever live without this stuff? And with that, away we go:

  • First up is an interesting (if somewhat cerebral) look at gaming terms posted onto Gamasutra entitled, “Mapping Gamer Dialect.” Intriguing, no? Click through and read up.
  • This is the POWERHAT.

    This is the POWERHAT.

    If you haven’t been reading these, you should absolutely, definitely, without any shred of doubt head over to Rock Paper Shotgun and read their newest ongoing feature – “A Fool In Morrowind,” in which Alec Meer re-discovers The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, and all the wonderful things therein. He recounts his experiences with… things… like the hat pictured at right. Hilarity ensues. GO.

  • Anandtech recently reviewed the ASRock X-58 Extreme motherboard, priced at the sweet, sweet amount of $169. It performed around 1% lower than other boards, but such a difference is hardly noticeable to most users. Given that this is a fully-featured ATX motherboard, that price is excellent, and only matched by the micro-ATX MSI X-58M previously mentioned on Weekly Shenanigans.
  • Most weeks – not every week, but most weeks – I post something about Apple. This week is no exception. It’s almost like a mini-feature within the feature. What’s going on this week, you ask? I’ll tell you – three times over! Oh, and I’m naming this sub-feature Super-Happy-Apple-Fun-Time. It just seems appropriate. Read below, fool! Also: Don’t ask why this is two separate bullets. I don’t know.
  • Super-Happy-Apple-Fun-Time: For starters, iPhone 3G S models are overheating; Apple says the solution is to live somewhere that never gets hot. Nvidia might be getting the boot from Apple’s systems, though details are still sketchy on this. Still, given the almost surreal number of Nvidia GPUs that have failed in Apple products over the past 2-3 years, this wouldn’t exactly surprise me. Lastly, in the sort of crazy-optimistic, naive move that only they can pull, Psystar is coming out of bankruptcy and going right back to the activity that got them there in the first place – selling non-Apple systems with OS-X installed. They had this to say: “When life gives you apples, make applesauce.” Best of luck, guys… *giggles uncontrollably*.
  • The Lookouts, a fun series over at Penny Arcade, continues! Note that the art isn’t typical – guest artists are working on this bit; Tycho and Gabe will resume their positions… soon? I don’t know when exactly. Until then, this is certainly an acceptable substitute.
  • Wrapping things up is a fun little item I found out about courtesy of Brendan Smith, fellow writer and blogger extraordinaire (he’s going to be involved with Robot Bomb, so you can read his stuff in September). One of the columnists over at Escapist couldn’t decide whether Infamous or Prototype was the better game. To break the tie, he called for both developers to submit an image of the other studio’s protagonist… in women’s underclothing. What’s more, they both responded. It’s a little disturbing, but oh-so-funny. One of the images has been provided to the right. This is strictly BYOBB (bring your own barf bag).

Well, there you go. Another day, another dollar. Today didn’t actually involve making money, but it’s the spirit of the thing, right? Something like that. Try to stay out of trouble, kids.


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