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Death, Quietly

My iPod died yesterday.

I’m not entirely sure what time it passed, though I became aware of its demise somewhere around 8 pm. I’ve been busy moving back into my house in Oklahoma, and had plugged it into my computer to juice up. The battery on it had been absolute crap in recent weeks, so charging had been taking forever. I popped back into my room, and hit the home button to check the status of the battery.


Now when I say nothing, I mean that. Well and truly nothing whatsoever. The home button depressed as it had every single other time in the past, but nothing occurred. The screen didn’t light up. There was no “slide to unlock” prompt, no faint warmth emanating from the chips housed within its sleek, slightly battered shell. It had silently given up the ghost while I cleaned out my garage.

I decided to take a cautious approach before proclaiming it dead. Different sync cables were tried, and different computers as well. Heck, I even went old-school and banged it against my desk a few times to see if that would help. That’s a negative, Houston.

It’s still sitting on my desk, looking a little sad. I’m holding onto a fake hope that it will magically come back to life, as it did previously in China. That doesn’t seem too likely, though.

If nothing else, there are two brights spots to the demise of my iPod. First, if I don’t perform any miracles in the next few days, I’m declaring it fair game for tinkering/destruction, whichever seems more entertaining at the time. Second, it means I’m totally buying a 3rd-gen iPod Touch when it inevitably becomes available in September/October. If one is to believe the rumors, it’ll have the same hardware specs as the 3GS, camera included, and will be available in 16/32/64 gig varieties at $199/299/399. Personally, I’m thinking the middle model looks good.


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