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The Dark Bailout

Not too shabby.

Also, no more posts until Monday, as I’m going to Austin, Texas for the Austin City Limits music festival. Plenty of photos will be taken, music heard and subsequently purchased, and eventually posts made. I’m fairly excited, and by ‘fairly’ I mean extremely.


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Far Cry 2 Screenshots, Trailers, and Previews

A lot of you (at least recently) are ending up here because of searches for information regarding the upcoming video game Far Cry 2. I thought since I’m pretty excited about the game as well, I’d do you all a favor and write up a post providing media and information regarding it.

Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2

Continue reading

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61 Nobel Laureates Back Obama

Sixty-one Nobel Prize winners came together and issued an open letter to the public announcing their official support for presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama. Basically, they have been disappointed (although that’s putting it lightly) by the current administration’s treatment of science – the vast reductions in funding, deliberate misrepresentation of facts in order to further their agenda, etc etc etc. Below is the original text of the letter, and here’s the link at which the pdf can be found. Continue reading

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Letterman Gives McCain the Verbal Beatdown

I really don’t need to preface this, Letterman pretty much covers everything. Video after the jump. Continue reading

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Listen to Yourself

Because deep down, we all know it’s true:

Listen to Yourself

Listen to Yourself

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Penny Arcade

Here’s another look at one of my featured links, this time venerable webcomic Penny Arcade. This site has been around forever. I’m talking at least seven or eight ten years (I could be more specific, but I’m too lazy to look up the exact number). They’ve got their own videogame, gaming convention, merchandise, and charity. They’ve done it all by ceaselessly and mercilessly lampooning various videogames over the years (if you hadn’t yet caught on, gaming is the focus of their comic). This is their latest, a strip about the upcoming shooter entitled Fracture.

Thinking Small

Thinking Small

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Computer Build Part Two – Preparing Your Work Area

Okay, so you’ve finally got all the parts for your new computer. Time to go build, right? Not so fast, Sparky. Building a computer isn’t something you should just jump into without any kind of forethought. It is a process, and there are steps. Here’s what you need to do first: Continue reading

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PC Component Selection Guides

While I’m still on the topic of pc components, having written up part one of my pc build series exclusively on the parts my friend Raymond and I chose for his build, here are some excellent, up-to-date guides online to choosing components when building a PC or merely replacing or upgrading a part. If I’m not completely certain about a part, I often reference web pages like these. They can be absolute lifesavers for those of us that don’t do PC builds/repair work professionally. Continue reading

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You Make Me Touch Your Hand For Stupid Reasons

This has been around for a while. I happened upon it a few minutes ago after not having seen/heard it in several years. It was like going back to reading a good book that you absolutely loved the first time. I’m getting all warm and fuzzy listening to this. Continue reading

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LHC out for the count

Apparently the Large Hadron Collider at CERN will be out of commission for around two months. I’m pretty bummed. The original article can be found here. Read on for more info. Continue reading

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