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Borderlands Box Art Released

It remains to be seen how the game itself will turn out, but if the recently-released box art for upcoming game Borderlands is any indication, it will be absolutely fantastic.

Because really, how can you resist a game like this? It’s dystopian mayhem that just begs me to play it. The game should drop in late October, if I recall correctly.


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Pay Attention: This is what a GFWL Gamer Looks Like



Everyone, meet CoolingGibbon, diehard GFWL gamer.

I’ve been in contact with him over the past several weeks, asking some questions and generally trying to get a better idea of what motivates him to use GFWL. Read on for the transcript of our email interview.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Well, I’m a 22-yr old guy currently pursuing a computer science degree. I’ve been a PC gamer for over 8 years, before which I used to game on a NES and Gameboy as a kid. But after being introduced to classics like Wolf 3D, Quake and Half-Life… I decided to move over to PCs completely. And I’m glad to say that I find the PC undoubtedly the best platform for any serious gamer.

How did you get into GFWL?

My first introduction to GFWL was with Halo 2 a little more than a year ago Continue reading

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Double Feature: Fieldrunners, Defense Grid

As I’ve previously mentioned, I love tower defense games. Can’t get enough of the suckers. In celebration of my love, I’m reviewing two of the best games in the genre that I’ve played recently. First is Defense Grid: The Awakening, a great indie title on PC that’s been a sleeper hit. Next is Fieldrunners for iPhone/iPod Touch, arguably the best mobile variant of this game style. Both are relatively easy on your wallet – Defense Grid retails for $19.99, and Fieldrunners can be had for $4.99.

I know what some of you are thinking. At least I think I do. “Tower defense games? Aren’t those just casual games for people that can’t get their heads around meaty titles like Fallout 3 or F.E.A.R. 2 or Sins of a Solar Empire? For the love of all that’s holy, Fallout 3 was so good a cinematic masterpiece was made based on it!”

*end sarcasm*

Sure, tower defense games aren’t as complicated or deep as a really good RTS or RPG, but that’s the point. The tower defense genre (or hybrid sub-genre, really) is to real-time strategy what checkers is to chess. Is it as hard? No. Does it take as long to master? Heck no. It’s accessible without being brainless, easy to play in ten or fifteen-minute increments without devolving into a “press this button as hard and fast as you can” monstrosity. At the same time, it’s decidedly more complicated than something like Bejeweled or Scrabulous.

Allow me to get off my soap box. There. I’m off. Without further ado, here are my mini-reviews for Defense Grid and Fieldrunners. Continue reading

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Game Preview: Mirror’s Edge

If there is one game that I will almost certainly be buying when it comes to market, it is Mirror’s Edge, by Electronic Arts.

Mirror's Edge

Mirror's Edge

Saying that this game looks slick is putting it lightly. From what I’ve seen so far, the graphics are gorgeous. The designers decided to forgo “realism” (which, when referring to videogames, is in and of itself an oxymoron), instead creating a stylized world with vibrant and vivid colors. Continue reading

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Computer Build Part Two – Preparing Your Work Area

Okay, so you’ve finally got all the parts for your new computer. Time to go build, right? Not so fast, Sparky. Building a computer isn’t something you should just jump into without any kind of forethought. It is a process, and there are steps. Here’s what you need to do first: Continue reading

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PC Component Selection Guides

While I’m still on the topic of pc components, having written up part one of my pc build series exclusively on the parts my friend Raymond and I chose for his build, here are some excellent, up-to-date guides online to choosing components when building a PC or merely replacing or upgrading a part. If I’m not completely certain about a part, I often reference web pages like these. They can be absolute lifesavers for those of us that don’t do PC builds/repair work professionally. Continue reading

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Apple product announcement = tomorrow!

Also, I’ve almost finished building my friend Raymond’s computer – I just need to install one or two peripherals and then overclock the beast.

Building that thing was fun. If anybody wants a custom PC, I can totally put it together for a nominal fee… 😉

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Far Cry 2 Release Date Announced

North America is getting Far Cry 2 on October 21st. It is being released on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

I can’t wait.

*Update: all you hipsters are ending up here instead of at this post, which is newer and has more information regarding the game. check it out.*

Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2

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