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I’ve been trying in earnest to do some freelance writing and contribute work to other online publications, admittedly with the hope of eventually scoring a part-time job with one of them, or at least getting paid on a per-article basis. The coolest gig I’ve landed so far is writing feature articles for the iPhone Games Network (iPGN), covering everything from interviewing developers to evaluating the platform’s potential. I’ve also been published at Voodoo Extreme 3D (VE3D) with another interview.

I’m a part of the crew over at Independent Clauses, an online music magazine that specializes in covering unsigned bands. It’s a great job – I get published online, and I get free music in the process! One of the really cool aspects of this sort of writing is occasionally interviewing a band. Not only is it undeniably cool (in a music lover kind of way) to meet some really talented musicians, interviews afford me the ability to get some really great insight into how bands make their music.

Additionally, I write mainstream music reviews and opinion pieces for Generally speaking, any review that I write for them will either end up getting posted over here, or linked to in a separate post. I’m looking forward to getting some more experience in this area, and it will be good to get my name out there in general. At this point, I’ll take/do just about anything. Especially if it pays and/or gets me free stuff. I’m all about the free stuff.

Finally, I have  another blog, named The Study Abroad Experience. I’ve enlisted the help of thirteen twelve eleven other University of Oklahoma students (our numbers are dwindling; I’m afraid this has been a glorious failure) that are also participating in study abroad programs next semester. Each of us will be writing about our respective lives in the eleven different countries being covered. I’ve received the support of OU’s Education Abroad Office in our endeavor, so my blog will be linked to from their site. Hopefully it will prove helpful to other students as they look into the possibility of pursuing their own semester abroad.


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  1. Indiana based band Mock Orange will be releasing a iPhone & iPod Touch App. in Oct. More details soon.

    Comment by Mock O | July 19, 2009 | Reply

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