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WWDC ’09: My Take

This image shamelessly kidnapped from IGN Entertainment

This image shamelessly kidnapped from IGN Entertainment

WWDC 2009 happened yesterday for most of you. For me, it happened early as balls this morning. I stayed up and watched as reports flooded in from 1AM until 3AM local time. This was one of those times where the time difference really, really sucked for me.

Some of you might be scoffing right now. “Surely you could have slept and read about it in the morning,” you say. “There was absolutely no reason to lose sleep over this thing. You didn’t even make an early post about it!” That may well be true. I didn’t post anything super-early in the wee, partially-conscious hours of my morning. I didn’t make any sort of cutting-edge analysis of Apple’s actions. I didn’t disparage them like some, and I certainly didn’t praise them like others. I just watched, because at heart I’m a geek, through and through. I love technology for technology’s sake, even if I don’t end up buying or using it. I love seeing how it evolves, how different technologies and upgrades compare to market conditions and what effect that has on price points. I love watching companies duke it out over who has the superior product, because that means innovation and better products for the little guy.

If you’re curious, I’ve got absolutely no intention of buying the new iPhone 3G S, nor any of the updated notebooks. For better or worse, I’m currently stuck on the T-Mobile network, which means no shiny Apple phone for me. I got the aluminum unibody MacBook when it came out, so there’s absolutely no reason for me to buy the new one because the battery and screen are better and it’s being called a MacBook Pro. I will say that Snow Leopard is mighty tempting at the $29 price point, and I’ll probably pick it up when it is released this September. Smaller footprint, OpenCL and their Grand Central tech? Yes, please! Continue reading


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My Macbook Impressions: Two Weeks In

I’m typing this on my still relatively-new Macbook. As the title suggests, I’ve been in possession of this notebook for a grand total of two weeks, and below are some thoughts as to my experience so far. Keep in mind that before this, my use of Macs / OS-X has been minimal. Things that Mac users don’t necessarily notice stick out for me. I’m directly comparing the usability of this system to that of my main PC, in regard to both hardware and software. Continue reading

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Macbook Updates (as in all of them)

I love the ‘blog stats’ feature of wordpress. Really, I do. Finding out how and why people stumble onto my site is fascinating. Until i see a search term like ‘toe sucking’ or ‘fox candyland’ and I can’t for the life of me figure out how that’s relevant to anything I’ve posted. Then it’s scary.

Really though, most of you seem to end up here because of posts regarding Apple products, related rumors, updates, announcements, and anything else that has anything to do with the cult of mac.

That being said, I’m choosing to blatantly pander to all you apple fans out there, just to see if my pageviews go up. It’s going to be fun. Continue reading

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Apple: A Brief Update

A few things have changed in the past couple days since I last wrote about the upcoming Septbember 9th update that Apple will be announcing. First, it appears more and more likely that both the Macbook and the Macbook Pro will receive updates soon (as in this year).

I’ll give the Macbook around a 65-70% chance of being updated in the 3rd quarter announcement Continue reading

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