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Letter From Intel to the Incoming CTO

I just read this blog post by Justin Rattner (Intel Senior Fellow & CTO), addressing President Obama’s new CTO and the challenges the new administration faces. The original contents are below.

Thank you to the thousands of men and women who participated in Intel’s survey last week at CES. As I blogged about earlier, the survey looked to stimulate broad support for Intel policies, asking you what the top priorities should be for the incoming Obama administration’s chief technology officer (CTO) in four areas where technology plays a key role: education, environment, health and Internet broadband. Continue reading


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61 Nobel Laureates Back Obama

Sixty-one Nobel Prize winners came together and issued an open letter to the public announcing their official support for presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama. Basically, they have been disappointed (although that’s putting it lightly) by the current administration’s treatment of science – the vast reductions in funding, deliberate misrepresentation of facts in order to further their agenda, etc etc etc. Below is the original text of the letter, and here’s the link at which the pdf can be found. Continue reading

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Haha… aww

Oh, Fred Thompson, I can’t take you seriously.

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Governor Palin: An Analysis

When John McCain announced Governor Palin as his running mate, a few questions ran through my head, in a very specific order: “Who?”, followed shortly by “John McCain chose… a woman? That nobody knows?”.  If that last bit comes across sexist, I assure you it was not intended. Allow me to emphasize that I was surprised that McCain of all people would choose a woman, not upset by it. Just a little confused. I mean, seriously? The governor… of Alaska? That has no political experience to speak of? I understand why he chose a woman – it should go a long way toward retaining any female voters he gained after Hillary Clinton left the race. In the long run, it might also prove to be an intelligent decision to pick somebody unknown, Continue reading

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