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Computer Reformat

It was a long and arduous journey, but my computer’s completely and thoroughly reformatted. Everything is clean and new and shiny, and I haven’t lost or accidentally misplaced any files (so far). It was… an interesting experience, and I’ll elaborate on this post later after I’ve gotten some pics uploaded and finished up a couple projects.

Over the past four days, I’ve:

  • Pulled an all-nighter in an attempt to get the reformat knocked out quickly and move on with my life, only to have the error-checking I’d scheduled for the next reboot take from 5pm Monday night to 7am Tuesday morning.
  • Almost forgot to export all my important stuff to an external drive.
  • Just about had a heart attack after I reinstalled iTunes only to be told that it couldn’t locate any of my music.
  • Felt guilty for putting off a music review I agreed to do before starting the reformat.
  • Tried to install more RAM even though I knew that one of them had been DOA when I bought them.
  • Took out my secondary HDD for the reformat, and had my PC complain that SATA 2 was enabled in BIOS but there wasn’t anything there. I was too lazy to change it. When I put it back in, the comp wouldn’t recognize it, even though I’d never technically disabled it.
  • Ranted against Microsoft for making the Microsoft Update site an Internet Explorer-only thing. It’s so dumb! I hate IE. Firefox+Chrome FTW.

And most recently, I just received an email (that I hope was clever spam) asking me to review a male enhancement product on my blog. Because, you know, that’s clearly relevant to the content on here. *end sarcasm*


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